2023 Goya AIR PRO freestyle windsurfing board

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Air Pro

Freestyle Single

Ready for big air. All new shapes.

The thick square tail design is the turbo. It gives you more grip and confidence to enter into your moves faster, its release and pop send you flying higher and it provides maximum forgiveness in sliding manoeuvres.

Riders: Antoine Albert, Yarden Meir, Nicolas Hibdige & Jay Lee.

Antoine Albert presents us with the new PWA approved freestyle line.

FG: What triggered these new boards?
AA: I want to compete on my favourite custom boards. Powerful tails with lengths to the absolute minimum for ultimate control in the air to slides.

FG: What challenges did you come along with the development?
AA: Keeping the balance between fast and on-top of the water, powerful for the lighter winds and freshwater spots, but with all the comfort and control for the choppy, windier days.

FG: what can we expect to see on them?
AA: We got inspired from on the rails and nose rocker of the new Nitro. I need the board to ride free and fit into the steepest ramps and take-offs. The new straps spread and stance got a touch closer together for a better connection and to maximise the pop. Also, the mast track has been moved back to balance the new shapes, features, and dimensions.

FG: What is new, and how you differentiate the smaller sizes from the larger ones?
AA: The new rails have a ton more lift along with the added flotation on the back area of the larger size boards. This adds to the planing and acceleration compared to the older designs, and everything is more balanced for control on the smaller sizes.

FG: How are these boards influencing your riding?
AA: The faster I go, the easier the moves get. These new shapes give me all the confidence to accelerate and throw all of my body into the move.

FG: Could you share a few of the highlights along with the development
AA: The whole development was done over a period of 2 years, so there were many ups and downs. I live in NC, so it is also not as easy to get the new boards. Working with the Goya team is an amazing experience as I get to go to all of their locations with great conditions and ride with all the team. From 50+ knots and 3.4 lit in Hood River to super classic Maui 4.4 weather and everything else in Tarifa, Spain with straight out flat off-shore to on-shore and choppy conditions.

PWA World Tour Approved.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull.

Available in 84, 89, 99, 109 liters.

Power box.

Available in Light Gray & Pastel Red.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

Please note: The deck sticker of the Air Pro does not come in opaque black, but in translucent charcoal, as shown in the rendering. This prevents heating of the board in direct sun, so you can enjoy your product for years to come. We recommend you please be extra cautious with your board in the heat or in the sun. If not in the water, the use of a reflecting bag is highly recommended.