MENS- 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit, Chest Zip- One Ocean Collective

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We designed these wetsuits with 2 things in mind


1 - Make a high quality wetsuit built to last at affordable pricing. Modeled from premium brand specifications and eliminating unnecessary fuss.

2 - Use environmentally friendly non petroleum based materials and eliminate as much waste from the production and shipping process as possible.


After testing our samples, we are proud to offer you a solid wetsuit that works and doesn't break the bank:

- 5/4 w - hood
- dry lock
- Yamamoto limestone based neoprene (eco friendly non petroleum based source materials)
- super stretchy
- ultra comfy
- 45% cheaper than leading profile brands
- 30% cheaper than emerging brands
- try before you buy option! (You can rent a suit and if you buy we refund the rental price)
- local Tofino company 😬


If you don't like paying for sponsored athletes and marketing non-sense, you are in the right place."