PHOENIX/WAVE SKATER PRO-Chimaera Barracuda II – 54″ crossover board -Prone/Drop knee/Boogie

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Barracuda II  Ideal for stand-up riding, especially for absolute novices who want to learn how to surf in the safest way possible, and also for prone/drop-knee riding. This amazing board is also equally up to the task for river surfing, wake surfing, wake boarding, and even for snow boarding. The Barracuda II can float up to 245 lb., stand-up riding or over 300 lbs., prone/drop-knee riding. Includes free matching deluxe bicep/ankle leash.

Aqua/red deck with red hull & rails

Aqua/lime deck with lime hull & rails 

Red/yellow deck with red hull & rails

Magenta/gray deck with gray hull & rails 

  • 54″ x 22 1/4″ x 2 1/2″   
  • Modified Bat-tail – 18″
  • Rounded nose –  9″
  • Compression molded, ultra-durable EVA/PE foam that will never delaminate, water-log or heat bubble
  • Three fused (3) Fiberglass stringers, permanently fused to the inside of the board, from the nose, down.
  • Elongated deck handrails
  • Scooped out ergonomic stomach cavity
  • Elongated arm wells
  • Dual tapered pontoons which virtually eliminate the need for fins
  • Ultra-durable, ultra-maneuverable, ultra-buoyant, super-fast.
  • Fully textured “Shark Skin” ultra-durable surface
  • Suitable for stand-up riders – up to 245 lbs./ prone & drop-knee riders – over 300+ lbs.
  • Can accommodate removable fins if so desired
  • Price includes board & deluxe leash