used wing foil -

Used/DEMO Wing - foils

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2023 KT Wing Drifter 80L- Used/demo $1100
2023 KT Wing Drifter 4'10 62L Demo $999
2023 KT GInxu Dragonfly 121L 8'2 Demo $1950
KT Ginxu Dragonfly 88l 6'6" Used $1550
-KT DD Orange 2.5M $550+tax 
-KT DD Green 3.0M $550+tax *sold*
-KT DD Orange 3.5M $575+tax 
-KT DD Green 3.5M $575+tax
-KT DD Orange 4.0M $600+tax *sold*
-KT DD Green 4.0M $600+tax
-KT DD Orange 5.0M $625+tax *hold*
-KT DD Green 5.0M $625+tax *sold*
-KT DD Orange 6.0M $650+tax *sold*
-KT DD Green 6.0M $650+tax
Complete MFC Hydros II - used 1400 and 1250 FW, new 58cm fuse, new 82cm mast, new 225 BW and bag ---$1150 *Hold*
Complete 1600 Hydros Set on Helios v2 wing fuse and Alum mast Used Hydros 1600FW, used 69v2 helios fuse, new 300BW, New 80cm Alum helios mast and bag - $900
Complete 1600 Hydros  set 1600fw/300bw on Helios v2 wing fuse and Helios carbon 85 mast and bag- mint -$900