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Ultimate performance paddle, available in 3 sizes, S, M and L, to cover a wide range of riders. The Varioflex Pro 100 offers you the same paddling experience as the Uniflex Pro 100, but with added adjustability.

The S has a reduced diameter shaft, suitable for ladies and groms. The M is suitable for most riders, especially on smaller boards and also comes with a reduced diameter shaft. The L is for bigger riders or for recreational boards and flat water purpose. The L has a standard diameter shaft.

A paddle of choice for powerful sprinters, to inter-island/long distances racers and most ambitious surfers & foil riders. Our scooped dihedral & parallel blade does the work effortlessly from the moment of entry, on through the power section, to its release, accelerating the blade by reducing turbulence through the extension of its tapered scoop towards the toe, and its shallow 8 degree angle. The center ridge and concaves also add to the construction of the blade, minimizing vertical and horizontal torque. All edges are smoothed for added safety and rail protection.

The shaft’s stiffness is your power, while the Flex is what aligns your body geometry through the whole movement, we call it “Direct Drive”, naturally adjusting the angle of the blade and shaft to your arm pull. In combination with its super low weight and super high strength, the Varioflex Pro 100 shaft, not only accelerates your performance, but also adds comfort and longevity to your sessions.

This is an ultimately strong, super lightweight, powerful and balanced all-around performance paddle. Scooped dihedral blade shape for power and control in high cadence paddling. Low 8 degrees blade angle designed for surfing.

The Construction is 100% Carbon 3k blade, 100% Carbon 3K shaft and 100% Carbon T-Handle.

Adjustable as follows: S 150 to 200 cm. M 160 to 210 cm. L 170 to 220 cm.