*Spring Sale* Goya ECLIPSE X PRO - variowave 5 batten windsurfing sail

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Eclipse X Pro

Variowave 5 Batten

The Eclipse X Pro has the same quality window film as the regular Eclipse Pro, equally UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases, with the addition of ultra strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance in the rare occasion you pinch its outstanding base film.

All other performance features of the Eclipse X Pro are identical to the Eclipse Pro.

Pro Construction, X-Ply window & Scrim panels.

Available in 3,4*, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,0, 6,3 square meters. (*coming soon)

Available in Red & Fluo Yellow.