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Flux Air

Wing Pump

The Flux Air is our quality double action hand pump. Introduced alongside the Wing Air, it is robust, rapid and comfortable to use, and can inflate any wing.

The Flux Air can be used in double action for volume, then single action for pressure, and can achieve the 8 psi required by the Wing Air in rapid and effortless fashion. A maximum of 13 psi as (DIN EN 16051) is possible for other uses.

Other features include a capacity of 2.3 + 2.3 liters, anti-sand seals and filter for a long life of the pump and your wing, a longer body and high-airflow piston for easier inflation, a switch tap for double/single action, as well as a precise and shockproof gauge meter.

Durable hull construction.

Available in 2.3 L double action.

Comes with standard nozzle adaptors.

Comes in black with white logos.


And Details.

Flux Air Wing Pump.

Precision Shockproof Gauge Meter
Easy reading for error-free and safe inflation of your Wing Air to the required 8 psi. Maximum 13 psi.

Ergonomic Handles
In unison with its double-action system, the Flux Air’s comfortable handles make pumping your wing an easy task.

Standard Compatiblity Outlet
Fits standard hoses. Hose, required nozzle, as well as additional adaptors supplied.

Long Body / High-Airflow Piston
Easier inflation. Double-action for volume, single action for pressure.

Care Instructions

Prolonging the life of your wing pump.

Please service this pump regularly to ensure proper function. Unscrew the top cap from the housing. Remove the shaft. Use a paper towel to wipe down any dirt in the housing, on the shaft, as well as around the sealing rings and valves. Spray lithium grease inside the housing, on the shaft and the sealing rings. Do not use a water displacement (WD) spray. Reinsert the shaft into the housing. Tighten the top cap.