MFC- BOOMBOX- Windsurf Boom/sail bag / Wingfoil board/quiver bag

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BOOM BAG BOOMBOX. A perfect addition to our board bag range, the Boombox Sail & Boom Bag is a more compact option for carrying your rig and components. Capable of holding 4—6 sails & 2—3 booms, wetsuits and other components, it’s a great option for airline travel or to simply keeping your gear more organised at home.

We had realized, this bag is great for wing gear too! can fit a 80L wing board no problem along with foils. 



  • 180cm x 55cm x 30cm // 5,9′ x 23″ x 11.5″


  • 8mm padded walls
  • Inside attachment straps
  • Outside Adjustment straps