*New for 2024* Quatro Pyramid 6

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ETA May 13th 

Please enquire about 'out of stock' items for next availability . Email: dirtymermaidwindsurfing@gmail.com


Pyramid 6 
Carbon & S-Glass.
Generation 6.

Surfing Thruster 


Totally re-imagined, the 6th generation Pyramid is the ultimate wave board. 

A slightly longer more drawn out outline combined with the round pin tail creates a lot of outline curve to turn as vertical and steep as you dare whilst still giving the board great float and ride capabilities with deceptively good early planing performance. The new bottom shape creates endless drive combined with a performance rocker that means you always have speed with an intuitive, instant rail to rail reaction. More forgiving and yet more radical than ever. 


Available in 70, 75, 81, 85, 89, 94, 100 liters. 

IWT and PWA World Cup Approved.  

Carbon & S-Glass Hull technology, Vacuum lamination.

All new Quatro ® US finboxes, custom made, ultra light: 1x 7” + 2x 5.5”. 

All new KT Surfing ® Single to Dual Density Traction Pads, sloped, segmented, tactile grooved, ultra light. 

All new MFC ® fins and footstraps. 

Hyper Skin GW, High Density Full Sandwich. 

Carbon Monocoque, connecting masttrack and stance to rails and bottom, forming a cohesive whole. 

Available in Metallic Silver and Neon Red Tech-Reveal GW finish over Carbon, with inverted artwork and charcoal pads. 






“My experience riding the Pyramid 6 is I can’t tell the difference between it and a Custom Model and I’ve been windsurfing since even before 1994.” Levi Siver 



Using lifetimes of knowledge from our custom factory in Maui we have brought this exact same technology into our stock models creating our strongest and lightest boards to date.   



A completely reimagined construction process enables us to construct a board which feels exactly like our custom boards built in Maui.  A unique Carbon blend of Biax, uni directional, plain weave and S Glass deck and hull.  Optimized PVC Sandwich layout creates the best strength to weight ratio and the S Glass rail bands provide the best torsional strength without adding weight and stiffness.  By blending graphical elements and laminate we have eliminated the need for stickers significantly reducing weight and plastic use during the build process. All new bespoke US fin and mast track boxes designed in house and exclusive to Goya/Quatro are lighter and stronger than conventional boxes. 



Surf inspired wave board.  More rocker with a surf orientated outline. Designed for top to bottom vertical wave riding.   A re deigned faster and more efficient bottom shape with a longer rail length for more control in bigger surf and better upwind performance while non planing (float and ride).



All out radical wave board.



A new more compact outline with a smooth curve from the nose to the round pin tail for seamless rail to rail transition.



The highest overall rocker.



Fuller further back under the front front for more drive and support in float and ride conditions tapering into a thin pin tail for extra bite when turning in the pocket.



More volume around the mast track and front foot strap for extra stability when non planing quickly tapering towards the tail for maximum control when turning in big powerful surf.



V at the front blending into double concave finishing in single concave out of the tail creating a faster and more forgiving bottom shape.  Additionally the concaves are more pronounced closer to the rail for extra grip in the turns.



A more sleek and aerodynamic nose for minimum drag.



Round pin for smoother rail to rail transition.



The Pyramid 6 is the most drivey Pyramid we have ever made due to the new bottom shape which holds more speed for longer.



More compact shape makes it super agile and radical.  The volume flow makes it easy to use and the new rail taper for big turns.



For all waves anywhere anytime.


Fin box + Mast Track

A completely new design. Forward Maui have created a much lighter and stronger US Box.  2 x 5.5 inch 1 x 7 inch US Boxes and 7 inch mast track box.  50% lighter.  100g saving per box. 



Drawing inspiration from the well-known "TF series" and our research and development in Surfing fins, we've incorporated a few upgrades into this new setup. The carbon composite construction ensures a consistent flex and torsion with a quick response, enabling you to achieve top speed, early planing, and excellent maneuverability. The new Tip features a 1mm channel to minimize drag at high speeds and facilitate water flow release, enhancing the ability to make quick changes in direction.



Double foot strap inserts on the back strap for better durability and a more locked in feel.


Vent Plug 

Standard vent screw facilitates travel and provides longevity.


Foot straps  

New look latest generation MFC foot straps with size measurement guide on both velcro pieces to make sure you always get the exact size you need.  



Re-designed dual density pads provide better grip and comfort.  A new layout and optimized dual density blend means you have the right support and cushioning where you need it whilst saving weight and minimizing drag.  The new square pattern is angled in just the right direction to give you maximum grip and connection to the board.


Tail Pad Kick 

Surf inspired and improved to save weight.  The tail kick pad gives you that locked in feel during maneuvers and turns.



New lighter US Box Allen key fin screw and stainless steel nut.


Team Reference

Kai Lenny
Levi Siver
Adam Lewis
Keith Teboul